Chicken pot pie


°2 chicken breasts
°1 carrot
°3 leeks
°1 onion
°1 clove garlic
°1 can of peas
°1 tablespoon butter
°1 tablespoon flour 1 cup milk
°1 splash of cream
°2 acid caps
°1 teaspoon seasoning salt and pepper

*Directions :

Step 1
Chop onions and garlic. Cut the leeks into slices. Carrot cutting to small pieces. Fry these vegetables in 1 tablespoon of butter for 2 or 3 minutes. Add the chicken cut into pieces: if cooked, fry for another 2 minutes. If not cooked, cook until golden brown, about 5 minutes more or less. Stir in peas, salt and pepper. You can also add corn kernels (in this case, half a can and a half can). My heart until the peas heat up. Season with salt and pepper
Step 2
Oregano is added. Sprinkle with a spoon of flour. Throw it over a medium heat for about two minutes. Heat a cup of milk in the microwave (or in a small saucepan and on the stove). Add to preparation and stir. It will form a kind of béchamel or white sauce and will be a very creamy preparation. Add a pinch of milk cream and mix them.
Step 3
One dough is placed in a deep frying pan greased with oil, then the preparation is added to it and covered again with the other dough. The perfect way to make this chicken pie is to make small holes for steam to escape (or prick). Bake at 180 degrees until the dough is golden and served.
Step 4

Enjoy !!!