Fried Beef Roll


•large  cabbage
• 1 pound ground beef
•Half a c uncooked rice
•large white onion,
•15 oz. tomato sauce
•15 oz. beef broth
• 2 tsp. minced garlic
•Salt / pepper to taste


The first step:
Heat 350 degrees F .
Start by browning meat in a skillet using to high heat. Immediately before remove meat from the pan, adding garlic to the beef. Drain the beef.
The second step:
Mix the sauce, cabbage, onion, salt, pepper, and rice together in a large bowl. Stir meat with cabbage mixture.
Third step:
Start laying layer of cabbage also beef mix and. Cheese in a 9x9 skillet.
Using tin foil, covering skillet and plate. Baking at 350 F for an h
The fourth step:
After an hour, take out the plate. Stir and make sure to cover it with aluminum foil again before placing it in the oven again.
Letting dish bake again for 15-30 min. The rice is cooked through and the cabbage is soft on the plate if the baking is done.

Enjoy !